Ravi Yadav

Mr. Ravi Yadav is working as a Director of Admin Works and in Marketing Management.

Ashish P. Sangaonkar
Mr. Ashish P. Sangaonkar is working as a Director of Marketing and in Marketing Management.

Arvind N. Khune
Mr. Arvind Khune is working as a Director in Development of Project and in Marketing Management.



Our team is expertise in delivering excellence. By providing the flexibility to work with clients in a way that best meets their objectives, we believe in total customer satisfaction. Our Sales Team & Customer Support Department leave no stone unturned to ensure that any queries or doubts you may have are resolved promptly. Our aim is to ensure that once a Customer of " SMART PEOPLE " , they need have no fears of their Investments. Transparency in transaction makes us different from others. We are constantly striving to upgrade ourselves in our efforts to provide the best services to our valued customers. As we begin our relationship with you, we wish to reiterate that we are at your service. 'SMART PEOPLE'

Investment in NA land is hassle-free once the plot is demarcated, could developed in residential purpose or sold of when the need be. Real estate is a fast developing component in Mumbai, Thane and its surrounding area, today.